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These graphics are free for your personal or commercial use.  

REMEMBER - ask if you are looking for something - I probably have it - if I do, I'll send it to you.  Many of these pages are pretty full so they many be slow loading even though the graphics have been greatly reduced - we think they are worth the wait.

Our page & graphic names change very frequently, so please do NOT link to these graphics.   I'm prone to moving things around as I make changes so if you see something you like save it your hard drive or diskettes.  PLEASE do NOT use our Icon Ads without express permission.

Most of these graphics are horse or animal related [Dinosaurs, Horses, Dogs] and can be used as stencils for decorating walls, clothing, lamp shades, etc.  They can be used for creating backgrounds for your websites or logos.  My latest  use is taking some of the borders that I have and cutting out sections making appliqué designs for my vests and then adding crystals to them.  Really turned out nice!

Many can be used for your websites or newsletters.  I have placed some very small graphics here that can be used as icons or bullets for your websites, such as horseshoes, pylons, saddles, barbed wire, etc.

crock_mur.jpg (13029 bytes)Take a look at the Stoneware Crock that was made for me by Country Reflections, LLC using one of my favorite graphics. 

I have these graphics in many different formats and sizes, so if you need a different size or format, email me.  I have many, many more so if you don't see what you need - email me and I will search thru my archives & CDs and see if I do have something you can use. 






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