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TC1 - TC10 supplied by Shelley Miller
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AQHA Trail Obstacle Scoring (2006 score card)

+1½ Excellent
+1 Very Good
+1/2 Good
0 Correct
-1/2 Poor
-1 Very Poor
-1½ Extremely Poor

Penalty ½: Each tick of log, pole, cone or obstacle

Penalty 1: Hit or step on; Incorrect gait at walk or jog 2 strides or less; Both feet in space; Skip space; Split pole, failure to meet the correct strides on trot over & lope over log

Penalty 3: Break gait at walk or jog over 2 strides; Out of lead or break of gait at lope; Knockdown; step out or jump off with 1 foot

Penalty 5: Failure to follow the correct line of travel within or between obstacles; Drop object; 1st Refusal or evade; 2nd refusal; Loss of control at gate, use of either hand; step out or jump off obstacle with more than one foot; Blatant disobedience; Failure to complete obstacle

Penalty Score 0: Use of more than 1 finger between reins; Use of 2 hands; Use of romal other than outlined; Performing obstacles incorrectly or other than in specified order; No attempt to perform obstacle Equipment failure; excessively touching horse; fall to the ground; failure to enter, exit or work obstacle from correct side or direction, including overturns of more than Ό turn; failure to work an obstacle other than how it’s described; outside boundary marker of arena or course area; 3rd refusal; failure to demonstrate correct lead or gait; on line of travel, head consistently carried too low or over flexed, except in novice classes

AQHA Spacing  (from 2006 rulebook)

Enough space must be provided for a horse to jog [at least 30 feet (9 meters)] and lope [at least 50 feet (15 meters)] for the judges to evaluate these gaits.

The spacing for walkovers shall be 20” to 24” (40 cm to 60 cm) and may be elevated to 12” (30 cm). Elevated walkovers should be set at least 22” (55 cm) apart. 

The spacing for trotovers shall be 3’ to 3’6” (90 cm-105 cm) and may be elevated to 8” (20 cm). 

The spacing for lopeovers shall be 6’ to 7’ (1.8 to 2.1 meters) or increments thereof, and may be elevated to 8” (20 cm).

Backing obstacles to be spaced a minimum of 28” (70 cm). If elevated, 30” (75 cm) spacing is required.

Serpentine obstacles at walk or jog. Spacing to be minimum of 6’ ( 1.8 meters) for jog. 

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